Must Visiting Sights

Onsen Hot Springs
The "Onsen of Beauty" nestled among mountains and mountain streams

Okutsu Onsen hot springs

With its riverside rotenburo (outdoor bath), Okutsu Onsen features numerous elegant inns and accommodations. Because soaking in the hot spring's waters is said to make one's skin white and smooth, this onsen is famously known as "Bijin no Yu" (Onsen of Beauty). "Ashibumi Sentaku," also known as the "Washing Dance," is performed by women in kimonos holding pails while stamping on garments and making washing motions with their toes. This "dance," a noted attraction at Okutsu Onsen, is performed in the rotenburo on Sundays and public holidays from late March to early December. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the "Ashibumi Sentaku" at no charge as well as the area's beautiful seasonal landscapes including fall foliage in autumn and snowfall in winter.

When/Sundays and holidays during early March−mid-December (canceled during foul weather) Hours/8:30-8:45 *Open to participation by anyone Where/Ashibumi Sentaku (Washing Dance) under Okutsu Bridge

Okutsu Onsen hot springs

Okutsu Onsen Hanabijin no Sato [dining=◯ shopping=◯ rest=◯]
A facility with exteriors designed based on the image of a town of flowers and trees, interiors that abundantly uses wood, and high ceilings that give an open space feeling. "Hana Onsen" o ers a pleasant hot spring experience including the large public bath that is abundantly filled with natural hot springs, an open-air bath and a family bath. The 26th of each month is bath day and a value-packed event is held. A gourmet experience can be enjoyed as well such as the Satoyama cuisine at Satoyama Restaurant Aelu and the Satoyama smoothie at Satoyama Café OKUnoMA.

TEL: +81-86-852-0788
[Location] 261 Okutsu Kawanishi
[Hours] [Weekdays] 10:00~19:00

Nature / Flowers and Autumn Foliage
A varied valley landscape full of the beauty of all four seasons

Okutsukei Valley

See the superb scenery of potholes formed due to eroding granite, the waterfalls and deep pools. This destination is often introduced as a great sightseeing spot with one of the best fall foliage in western Japan, but its natural beauty that changes with the seasons and the murmuring of the clear stream form a scenery that captivates the heart.Enjoy breathtaking views of the Okutsu Valley during all four seasons. The potholes formed due to eroding granite make for an artistic landscape in harmony with the environment. Both sides of the valley are trans- formed into bright red colors during the autumn.

Okutsu Kawanishi, Kagamino-cho, Tomata-gun, Okayama )
TEL: +81-86-852-0711
(Kagamino Town Office of Industry and Tourism)

Okutsukei Valley
Nature / theme park
A honey theme park that also offers strawberry picking

Yamada Bee Farm Honeybee Park

Making the most of the blessings of nature, such as watching up close the honeybees carrying pollen, picking strawberries and making beeswax candles, are very popular.

A hands-on experience based farm offering beekeeping experience, honey extracting experience, class on honeybees, honeybeehealth lecture, blueberry picking and more.

The honeybee experience tours offered at the tourist farm operated directly by Yamada Bee Farm includes observing the beehives at the farm as well as honey gathering by extracting your original honey from fresh beehives. You can take home honey as a souvenir.

785-1 Tsukadani, Kagamino-cho, Tomata-gun, Okayama
TEL: +81-86-854-5515

Yamada Bee Farm Honeybee Park

More Sights

NatureIwai Falls

Iwai Falls

The Iwai Falls, located in a forest with an air of divinity, is also called a Urami-no-Taki (inside view waterfall) because you can enter the inside of the waterfall to get a view from the back.

Address: Kamisaibara, Kagamino-cho, Tomata-gun, Okayama
TEL: +81-86-854-2987(Kagamino Town Office of Industry and Tourism)

Roadside StationMichi-no-Eki Okutsu Onsen

Michi-no-Eki Okutsu Onsen

here are rows of local fresh-picked vegetables and sansai wild vegetables as well as local specialty products, and it' s the perfect spot for tourists traveling by car to gather information.

Address: 463 Okutsu, Kagamino-cho, Tomata-gun, Okayama
TEL: +81-86-852-7178

MuseumFairywood Glass Museum

Fairywood Glass Museum

From Bohemian glass of the 19th century to the present rare uranium glass from around the world, more than 100 items are on display at the museum.

Address: 666-5 Kamisaibara, Kagamino-cho, Tomata-gun, Okayama
TEL: +81-86-844-7888

SightTomata Dam

Tomata Dam

Tomata Dam boasts the third largest volume of water for dams in the prefecture. A special observation tour for seeing the normally-restricted operating room and gate chamber with the guide is regularly available.

Tomata Dam Management Office Tel:General tour/+81-86-852-2151 (Tomata Dam Management Office) Observation tour/+81-86-854-7655 (Kagamino Tourism Society)
Address: 1592-4 Kutashimonohara, Kagamino-cho, Tomata-gun, Okayama

Enjoy delicious Kagamino cuisine!

Kagamino ramen noodles

Kagamino ramen noodles

The tomato and the salt-based soup are a perfect match. With a refreshing flavor, the ramen is loved by people of all ages.
[Where to eat] Ochaya-no-Ramen

Kagamino countryside curry

Kagamino countryside curry

Countryside curry with large cut vegetables and chicken. An excellent dish with a mild taste that uses barley miso as a hidden flavor. [Where to eat] Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) Okutsu Onsen "Onsen-Tei" /Notoro-Kan, Notoro Onsen

healthy ingredients Smoothie

healthy ingredients Smoothie

A smoothie born from the combination of Kagamino' s vegetables, fruits and honey.
[Where to eat] Kagamino Satoyama Café OKUnoMA



Bento boxes using sansai wild vegetables and other local specialties of Kagamino. The good old tastes that reminds you of grandma' s cooking. Limited to Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and when in season only. [Where to eat] Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) Okutsu Onsen/Mizu-no-Sato Okutsu Lake/Kagamino- cho Bussankan "Yumehiroba"/other

Hirame(amago salmon) dishes

Hirame(amago salmon) dishes

Called the queen of the mountain stream, hirame (amago salmon) is delicious grilled with salt. Enjoy it also marinated with sweet-and-sour nanban sauce, as sashimi. [Where to eat] Notoro-kan, Notoro Onsen/Kokumin Shukusha Itsuki "Yamaboshi" /Sanka/Restaurant Sansui

Wild game cuisine

Wild game cuisine

Dishes using boar meat or venison are part of the local cuisine for the winter.
Fresh meat of wild animals can be used for boar stew.
[Where to eat] Various lodging facilities throughout Kagamino-cho

About Kagamino Town

About Kagamino Town

Enjoy the scenery and experience of Kagamino

Located in northern Okayama prefecture and bordering Tottori prefecture,Kagamino has many stunning sights like forests, valleys and rural landscapes that can be enjoyed each season. There is the Okayama Prefectural Forest Park, one of the best in the Chugoku Mountains, as well as the Okutsu Valley, one of the most beautiful scenic spots of autumn in Okayama prefecture, and the Ombara Kogen Ski Area, one of the largest ski grounds in the prefecture. Enjoy memorable experiences at each of the spots and refresh both your body and mind. Let' s go out into Mother nature with a camera in hand. Everyone in your group or family will surely be brimming with joy.


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